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What Are the Ingredients in Pine Sol Cleaner?

Pine-Sol Cleaner is a multipurpose household cleaner. It contains glycolic acid and other cleaning agents to fight grease, dirt, and other grime. It also has antibacterial properties and is a good choice for surfaces such as wood and tile. Its main ingredient is pine oil. Which is easily extracted from trees and an excellent option for use on various surfaces. Xantham gum and isopropanol are other ingredients found in cleaner Pine-Sol, essential for proper cleaning.

Pine Sol Cleaner

What is in Pine-Sol Cleaner?

Pine-Sol is a biodegradable cleaner that contains no toxic chemicals. It has only pine oil and natural plant-based disinfectants. It is packaged in #1 recyclable PET bottles, making it environmentally friendly and safe for the environment. Additionally, Pine-Sol is registered with the EPA as a disinfectant. It is a safe, effective way to remove bacteria, viruses, and other germs on non-porous surfaces. However, Who should not use it on copper, aluminum, metal, or dishes.

What are the ingredients in Pine Sol Cleaner

The main ingredients of Pine-Sol Cleaner are C10-12 alcohol ethoxylates, water, glycolic acid, and fragrance. It has no smell and is an effective cleaning solution for household surfaces. The chemical in Pine-Sol breaks down fats, cooking grease, and wine stains. It is also an excellent pest deterrent and can remove paint. You can read more about its use in our article below.

When using Pine-Sol Cleaner, it is important to ensure you are properly ventilated. There is a risk of chlorine gas emanating from the product when mixed with pine sol. The fumes from this combination can lead to respiratory arrest, loss of consciousness, and death. As a result, use proper ventilation when using this cleaner. A few studies have reported Pine-Sol being harmful to pets. If you have pets, it is best to avoid them altogether.

What is the pH Balance of Pine-Sol Cleaner?

The disinfectant in Pine-Sol is a popular household cleaning solution for many reasons. It is effective on surfaces such as tile and wood, and it repels flies and insects. Who can also use it on untreated surfaces, such as aluminum and dishes? It does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is safe to use around children and pets, as it is non-toxic.

Among the ingredients in Pine-Sol are mainly pine oil and glycolic acid. This mixture is not harmful to the environment, and it contains essential pine oil, which is low in toxicity. It can kill bacteria but isn’t biodegradable. Therefore, it can be dangerous for humans. It can lead to breathing problems and central nervous system depression. In addition to being toxic, Pine-Sol is not considered safe to use around children.


You might be wondering what is in Pine-Sol Cleaner. The answer is simple. It contains pine oil, which is toxic to humans and animals. It's a disinfectant that you can use on a wide range of surfaces, from countertops to bathroom tiles. While you can use it on all sorts of household surfaces, you should still take precautions when you're using it. Read on to learn what is in Pine-Sol Cleaner.

As the name implies, Pine-Sol Cleaner contains an acidic compound and is not recommended for use on porous surfaces. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) indicates a pH balance of 2 to 3. This is an acidic compound and should not be used for cleaning porous surfaces. However, Pine-Sol Cleaner is safe for washing glass and stainless steel. The product is not recommended for washing toilets.

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